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Complete Systems Integration

Increase the accuracy of your data and improve efficiency at your workplace with high-performing software and hardware systems from Camelot Enterprises. Our Centerville, Ohio, business helps you design state-of-the-art systems to effectively run your business and also provides services that allow your existing systems to integrate with others, receiving data quickly and accurately.


A Manufacturer starts producing a new product. They need to track raw material, work in process, and finished goods inventories. Camelot developed a system that lets them track all materials and processes from raw material through shipping finished goods. The system lets them see all of the products and materials in all stages of manufacturing, giving them a real time look at WIP and the information needed to run their business efficiently.

Lot Tracking and Control

A manufacturer supplying the auto industry required a lot traceability system for finished goods. Camelot developed a system that allows them to track the finished goods back to the lots of raw materials and all processes during manufacturing. The lot traceability data can be kept indefinitely and if a problem is found with a product, all products produced from the same raw material lots can easily be identified.

Complete System Solution

A paper products manufacturer wanted a system to track their processes, from orders received to shipments. Camelot designed and developed a system that allows them to maintain their customers and products. The orders are entered and the data is put onto the production schedule. On the manufacturing floor, the production personnel have the schedule displayed on touch screen monitors, where they choose the job, start and stop production on the job, and input production data as needed. When a job is complete, shipping documents are automatically generated, the job is removed from the schedule, and the invoices are printed.


A growing contract warehouse needed a more efficient and accurate way to keep track of receipts, shipments, and billing information. Camelot developed an inventory system to meet their needs. All incoming product is identified with a bar code label when it is entered into the system. As products are consolidated or split, they are re-labeled. When product is shipped, the products are scanned as shipped and shipping documents are printed. All transactions in the warehouse take place on RF scanners and RF printers. Multiple warehouses are all connected to inventory software in the main warehouse.


A distributor has a good software system for tracking inventory, orders, and shipments but everything is done via keypunch, which takes too much time and is prone to errors. Camelot integrated a front-end system to existing software using RF terminals to receive product, manage the inventory movements, pick the orders, and ship the orders.

Compliance Labeling

A contract packaging company is required to meet customer and government labeling requirements. Camelot Enterprises provided software and hardware to meet the requirements, which include bar code labels and RFID labels.

Some of our other systems that meet the needs of our customers include:

• Labor Tracking
• Pick-Pack-Ship
• Quality Assurance

• Shipping and Receiving
• Inspection
• Work in Process Tracking

• Shop Floor Control
• Time and Attendance
• Inventory Control/Cycle Count