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Optimize business productivity and overall profit with high-quality software and hardware systems from our business. We provide stand-alone computer applications and systems that can integrate with your existing ones. Our products can be configured to operate with a variety of computer systems. Find out more about what we offer.

Systems Integration

What is MDCS?

MDCS is your Warehouse Control System (WCS) software. Material distribution warehouses have a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and one or more material handling programmable controllers (PLC).The MDCS software can interface with your host systems to share data. Carton routing data, sortation confirmation, and picking control details are a few examples of data that can be shared with your system.

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About Camelot Enterprises

Camelot Enterprises is a quality-focused business that provides custom software systems and bar coding services to manufacturing plants, warehouses, and companies throughout Dayton, Ohio, the United States, and Canada. Our team has years of experience in designing and implementing successful solutions utilizing bar code and RFID technologies. We provide the software, hardware, installation service, and support to meet your specialized needs, today and in the future.

Established in 1982 (when bar coding was in its early stages), Camelot Enterprises began with the introduction of a label printing system. We worked with suppliers for the government and automobile industry to meet the bar code requirements being placed upon them. Our goal was to solve a specific need for our customers. Since that time, Camelot Enterprises has become highly diversified.

System Integration Division
Our System Integration Division has developed a wide range of manufacturing and data collection software. Our programs help control manufacturing lines by interfacing with different types of manufacturing equipment. We can provide inventory control, distribution, and shipment tracking systems. Many standard and special EDI interfaces have been developed to help companies interface with their suppliers, customers, and internal host computers. Camelot Enterprises can provide assistance to many different data collection, process control, and printing needs. Many of our solutions are custom-designed to meet a customer's specific need. We help companies review their requirements and needs, identify areas where our business can provide cost-effective solutions, and then develop and implement the system.

Camelot Enterprises offers printers, bar code scanning equipment, RFID, and RF infrastructure technology. This equipment can become part of your existing system or be installed as part of a total integrated systems solution. We provide hardware from a wide range of manufacturers. We analyze your equipment needs and make a recommendation based upon your requirements.

We provide a full range of labels, tags, and ribbons to help with your product identification needs. Labels and tags can range from blank white stock to multicolored, specially coated pre-printed materials. Thermal transfer and dot matrix ribbons for almost all types of printers and applications are available. Camelot Enterprises also has in-house printing capabilities to meet your needs.


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